Architectural Metal Design

Architectural Stainless Steel Water Feature

Arches of Oman

Royal Opera House, Muscat, UAE

Artist: Giles Rayner of GR Sculpture Ltd

m-tec has manufactured a stunning 12 metre high architectural stainless steel water feature which now stands proud in the private gardens adjacent to the Royal Opera House in Muscat, Oman.

The shape of the sculpture is highly complex and features graceful curves to represent the iconic Islamic arch symbol. The two entwined polished stainless steel tusks flow sinuously around one another, containing dozens of high pressure water jets which have been built into the piece and erupt from the inner surfaces to create an eye-catching water feature.

"12 Metres Of Pure Architectural Genius."

Designed by artist Giles Rayner of GR Sculpture Ltd, the Duplex water feature has been fully fabricated and polished by m-tec’s team of skilled engineers at the company’s UK headquarters.

The Arches of Oman took three and a half years to complete, from the initial concept to the on-site installation of the final piece.

Designed By Renowned
Artist, Giles Rayner.

The process was a collaboration of in-depth design meetings and consultations with Commission Director,

Julian Glyn-Owen, who was pivotal in ensuring the project met GR Sculpture’s expectations of high quality standards and stringent deadlines.

At Its Finest.

Arches of Oman

Project Gallery

From the initial concept stage to shipping and on-site assembly, the whole project has involved a multifunctional team of skilled design engineers, structural engineers, steel fabricators and hydro specialists to ensure the sculpture has been manufactured to the UK’s highest standards.


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