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m-tec are one of the largest architectural metalworkers in the UK, providing a wide range of services from welding and fabrication to meticulous finishing and polishing.

With four decades of experience, our welding and fabrication team is adept at creating custom metalworks using both traditional methods and modern equipment. From intricate designs to complex fabrications, our skilled craftsmen excel in welding and fabrication, seamlessly blending creativity with technical know-how.

We integrate advanced technology into our bending and folding processes for impeccable results, while our laser cutting machines ensure precision across different metals.

Our finishing services, including expert polishing and surface preparation, add a touch of finesse to every project, complemented by a variety of painting options for a tailored finish.

Welding & Fabrication

Our bespoke welding and fabrication expertise spans 40 years, working with all metals and alloys. Utilising our extensive range of modern equipment, our team of 150 skilled craft welders specialise in complex and bespoke fabrications and are fully conversant across all disciplines. Our craftsmen eloquently work with traditional materials whilst re-imagining the possibilities and exploring the realm of creativity.

Bending & Folding

We fully embrace the latest bending and folding technology which works alongside our experienced engineers to achieve the aesthetic goals of each project. We integrate robotic technology alongside traditional methods with our 640-tonne robotic press to create a seamless working partnership between man and machine, creating a flawless end product. Utilising this technology means no project is too large or too complex.

Solutions That
Make The Cut.

Laser Cutting

Sparks fly in our laser-cutting machines as they cut even the most complex of designs quickly.  Our 26 laser cutting machines, including 8 brand new fibre lasers, cut each job with both efficiency and accuracy regardless of the complexity. Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass are our speciality, creating freedom of choice for each design.

Waterjet Cutting

For thicker materials, we can process these by firing extremely high pressures of water, creating a clean cut at our purpose built waterjet cutting facility.  We can cut almost any material up to 200mm thick.  Our state of the art waterjet cutting machines have the highest accuracy and the use of specialist 3D and computerised motion software control means can produce even the most complex shapes.

Plasma & Flame Cutting

As one of the only companies in the UK to offer all four profiling options in-house; Plasma Cutting, Flame Cutting, Laser Cutting and Waterjet Cutting, we have the perfect profiling solutions available for every project. Embracing the latest technology as well as the more traditional steel profiling methods, all our machines are supported by CAD and CAM software utilised by our design engineers for all the intricacies needed.

CNC Machining

Using 5-axis technology we offer CNC Machining services which can create any shape from a block of material. Our dedicated machining building can be utilised to create delicate sections which are unable to be fabricated. Our skilled experts push the boundaries of our machinery and technology to create some of the most complex shapes available.


The polishing of each project has the ability to create a timeless sculpture, ready to captivate all who walk by which is why our expertly trained polishing craftsmen take immense pride in the finished product.  From our show-stopping mirror polish to our high-end satin finish, we can provide the flawless polishing finish that suits each project.

Finishing & Painting

From smaller intricate details to large fabrications, we can offer surface preparation finishing services to eliminate all impurities which include shot blasting and bead blasting.

For a more dynamic finish, we offer a complete painting service in almost any colour when in situ creating a contrasting piece of artwork.

Finishing Touches.

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