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The Sail

Birmingham, SCC Headquarters

Artist: m-tec

m-tec and WEC Group have collaborated to create The Sail sculpture for IT Services Company, SCC. This remarkable customised metal art holds a special place in SCC’s marketing strategy, serving as the embodiment of their logo.

WEC Group’s skilled craftsmanship has brilliantly captured the sail’s distinctive shape and color, resulting in a striking work of art.

Crafting Identity:
The Sail Sculpture By
m-tec and WEC Group.

The Sail stands as a symbol of SCC’s identity and commitment to excellence, welcoming all who enter the headquarters with its unique presence.

This collaborative effort between m-tec, WEC Group, and SCC demonstrates the power of art and craftsmanship in creating a tangible representation of a company’s vision and values, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter it in the heart of Birmingham.

Proudly Displayed.

Proudly showcased in SCC’s new Global Headquarters located in Birmingham, the sculpture graces a courtyard, making it a prominent and visible focal point for all visitors and staff passing through the HQ operation.

The Sail Sculpture

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