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Our Process.

The consultation process at m-tec is the first step in turning concept ideas into three-dimensional forms. With over 40 years of experience in architectural metalwork and fabrication, working with materials including stainless steel, Corten steel, painted mild steel, brass and bronze, we are able to guide each project through the manufacturing process.

Each commission presents new challenges and offers fresh opportunities for the development of imaginative solutions to complex conceptual proposals.

Partnering with Architects: Public artists, architects and regeneration specialists have partnered with m-tec for over the years creating complex fabrications across the globe. Our portfolio includes spectacular public art, captivating spiral staircases, dramatic sculptures and immense bridges.

The wealth of knowledge of our team, combined with the extensive experience of our fabricators will approach the project with a manufacturing point of view, advising our clients on feasibility as well as introducing innovative engineering processes and technologies which can offer cost savings benefits and structural ingenuity. Our in-house team of designers, structural engineers, project managers and technicians will accomplish each project with skill, professionalism and originality.


Design Process - The Wave
Our Process


Utilising the latest technology, all design services are completed in-house and once a concept is agreed, 3D CAD Designs and a set of manufacturing drawings will be produced. Our experienced design engineers ensure that each brief is met with creativity and precision whilst bringing clarity to the most complex needs of each project.

We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each design meaning we can assist in the creative process, from offering cost-saving alternatives to complimentary suggestions, we ensure that the design brings each concept to life.


We can offer a prototype service to showcase our unique capabilities as well as allow the architect or artist to see their projects come to life before committing to a full-scale production.

Prototyping allows for the evaluation of the project in order to enhance and refine the end product. We are happy to provide sectional prototypes, to reflect our craftsmanship or scaled-down prototypes as a reflection of how the product will look once complete.

We utilise the latest technology to ensure all prototypes are a clear and concise representation of the final product.

& Fabrication

From start to finish, m-tec has the complete capability to manufacture and fabricate the whole project. With over 600,000 sq. Ft. of manufacturing space, we are able to process the most complex of concepts to the highest skill levels. Our diverse group of passionate and creative individuals will push the boundaries of manufacturing to achieve all complexities within the design.

Finishing & Painting
Finishing & Painting
The Wave 4

Finishing & Painting

Our finishing and painting services ensure the final project has a look that is impressive and long-lasting. Services which include shot blasting and bead blasting will remove all impurities, whilst painting offers a dramatic final product.


In order to capture the essence of the final design, we offer a complete polishing service.  From losing yourself in our mirror finish, or admiring the understated brushed/satin finish which draws you to look closer, our expert in-house polishing service is available for all designs.


Our highly-trained installation team is available for all projects. Our experienced engineers have experience completing work on a global and are accredited to the latest ISO 45001 Health & Safety certification.

Our structural engineers ensure each project is completed both safely and to the highest standard, taking into consideration all necessary contributing factors. We are happy to offer installation on all projects, large or small, simple or complex.

To discuss how we can bring your stainless steel public art project to life, or if you have any other architectural metalwork or bespoke metal fabrication requirements, please contact us.

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