Meads Reach Bridge

Temple Quay II, Bristol

Artist: Niall McLaughlin

The Meads Reach Bridge was a joint project between Niall McLaughlin Architects, Cyril Swett, Gleeds, Price & Myers, Dean & Dyball and m-tec for Castlemore Securities to renovate Temple QUAY II in Bristol.

m-tec fabricated the 55-metre, 75-tonne stainless steel pedestrian walkway in-house from 2205 duplex stainless steel. Its construction was made from eight sections which were delivered individually to the Bristol location. This was then reassembled and fully welded together to make one complete structure.

The Temple Quay II Transformation.

The final polishing was undertaken in-house and the completed pedestrian walkway was craned into place in one piece, making the Meads Reach Bridge of m-tec’s most prestigious projects to date.

An Architectural Triumph.

The arc of the bridge picks up light from the sky and water, changing with the weather and the time of day. The interior of the bridge also holds LED lights which make the whole structure glow at night, revealing the hidden ribs of the internal skeleton.

Meads Reach Bridge

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