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m-tec is an esteemed Architectural Metal Company, known for crafting bespoke architectural and sculptural installations. Our portfolio boasts a diverse array of steel sculptures and public art, including walkways, stainless steel bridges, and lighting columns.

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Arches of Oman

Pooley Bridge

Birmingham 21 Memorial

Irvine Trinity Mirror

Spitfire Memorial, Darwen

WW1 Memorial Arch

Meads Reach Bridge

Concorde Nose Sculpture

Air Burst Sculptures

Sousse Bardo Memorial

Rising Person

Sun & Moon

Two Hearts

The Braid Sculpture

The Wave

Flight of Fancy

The Seed Sculpture

Bow Roundabout

Tower of Light

Iconic Lighting Columns

Rotating Wind Shelters

Sky Mirror

Discovery Sculpture

Minaret-like Sculpture

The O2 Ribbon

Specialist Form Work

Stainless Steel Canopy

Millennium Needle

The Sail

Hawk Hunter Sculpture

Wave Wall

m-tec has manufactured a stunning 12 metre high sculptural water feature which now stands proud in the private gardens adjacent to the Royal Opera House in Muscat, Oman.

m-tec and the wider WEC Group won the contract to fabricate a replacement bridge for the village of Pooley Bridge. The Pooley Bridge, which dates back to 1764, was destroyed during the floods of Storm Desmond in December 2015, and the new stainless-steel bridge has replaced the crucial transport link for the local area.

Working in collaboration with network rail and artist Anu Paten, m-tec have fabricated and installed the poignant trees in memory of the victims of the Birmingham Pub Bombings on the 44th anniversary of the attack.

The sculpture was fabricated using 12mm thick grade 316 stainless steel sheets which were then welded together to form the unique shape. There is granite text lain into the ground below which is written in reverse, but when you read it using the mirror finish on the sculpture you are able to read the text which is based on the history of the town.

The stunning stainless steel spitfire memorial sculpture, which was unveiled on Remembrance Day 2012, was overseen by m-tec and manufactured by WEC Group Training Academy Apprentices.

m-tec was commissioned by the educational charity Step Short to manufacture the iconic stainless-steel arch and bespoke seating.

The Meads Reach Bridge was a joint project between Niall McLaughlin Architects, Cyril Swett, Gleeds, Price & Myers, Dean & Dyball and m-tec.

The Concorde Nose is authentic and our contract was to fabricate the stainless-steel support sculpture.

The Airburst Sculptures are architectural metalwork projects manufactured by m-tec. The design represents a shell’s trajectory and subsequent detonation.

The ‘Infinite Wave’ sculpture is a poignant reminder of those who lost their lives. The sculpture was unveiled by HRH The Duke of Sussex in a ceremony at the sculpture’s location in Birmingham’s Cannon Park.

The design is a physical representation of Medtronic’s iconic ‘rising person’ symbol. The sculpture took our Special Projects team 8 weeks to fabricate using 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel.

The Sun & Moon monument reflects the experiences and stories of those using the hospital’s mental health services.

The Two Hearts sculpture, which is made from 316 grade stainless steel and was powder coated in-house sits on a four-metre mirror-polished reflective platform to support it.

The metal section was fully fabricated and bead-blasted at the m-tec headquarters. m-tec was also responsible for the delivery and installation of the Braid Sculpture to the Blackburn town centre location.

The Wave sculpture was created by m-tec in a joint project between Blackpool Borough Council and sculptor Lucy Glendinning.

Flight of Fancy was a joint project Artist-Liz Lemon undertaken by Ashfield District Council, artist Liz Lemon, Rolls Royce and m-tec.

The Seed Sculpture was a joint project Artist-Colin Spofforth between artist Colin Spofforth of Brimstone Artworks and m-tec.

The Bow Roundabout sculpture is a landmark Corten steel piece situated on the Bow Roundabout itself in London.

Tower of Light was a joint project Artist-Mark Merer undertaken by artist Mark Merer, Crest Nicholson and fabricator m-tec, who were responsible for the complete fabrication and installation.

The iconic lighting column was m-tec’s first major project in the UK. These uniquely shaped lighting structures are situated along the south beach area of Blackpool, Lancashire.

The Wind Shelter was a joint project Architect-Ian McChesney undertaken by Blackpool Borough Council, architect Ian McChesney, structural engineers Atelierone, Birse Construction and m-tec.

The 38-metre stainless steel walkway was fabricated at m-tec’s Darwen Headquarters with the timber decking installed prior to delivery and the full metal sculpture polished to a satin finish.

The Sir Francis Crick sculpture, Discovery, designed by Artist: Lucy Glendinning, was a joint project between artist Lucy Glendinning and m-tec.

The Brick Lane Minaret-like Sculpture represents new standards in stainless steel public art sculpture, featuring cutting edge architectural metal fabrication techniques.

Telefónica UK, which operates the O2 commercial brand in the UK, commissioned Swarm to produce an installation for their new headquarters building in Slough.

Our expert team work in collaboration with local authorities, construction companies and civil engineers to create bespoke concrete moulds for complex structures.

The bespoke stainless-steel canopy was fabricated in-house from 316-grade stainless steel and installed at Napp Pharmaceutical in Cambridge.

The Millennium Needle Staircase was a St. Helens Council joint project between St Helens Council, Birse Construction, Frank Whittle Partnership, DP Squared and m-tec.

m-tec and WEC Group have collaborated to create The Sail sculpture for IT Services Company, SCC. This remarkable sculpture holds a special place in SCC’s marketing strategy, serving as the embodiment of their logo.

m-tec and WEC Group were involved in the project to place a vintage Hawker Hunter aircraft in a prime position in the front of SCC Birmingham’s Technology Park which fronts its Global Headquarters.

m-tec was commissioned to fabricate the mould support frame along with special transportation frames used to deliver the concrete sections to their promenade location.