Wind Shelter Sculpture

Wind Shelter Blackpool

Rotating Wind Shelters

Blackpool, Lancashire

Architect: Ian McChesney

The Wind Shelter was a joint project Architect-Ian McChesney undertaken by Blackpool Borough Council, architect Ian McChesney, structural engineers Atelierone, Birse Construction and m-tec.

m-tec was responsible for the complete fabrication, delivery and installation of the two shelters, which were constructed from 2205 duplex stainless steel for its corrosion-resistant values. A full-size prototype was manufactured to ensure the design was viable.

The Stainless Steel
Wonders of Blackpool

The wind shelters are now sited on Blackpool’s Southern Promenade where they rest on special dampened bearings and gently turn away from the wind.

Artists' Vision:

The swivelling wind shelters rotate according to the prevailing wind direction, shielding the occupants from the elements. The shape was born out of the need for a vane to turn the structure and a baffle to shelter occupants from the wind.

Rotating Wind Shelters

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